Textile Recycling for Aid & Int. Development

TRAID Grants - 2011

Textile Recycling for Aid & International Development



TRAID is a UK based charity committed to protecting the environment and reducing world poverty by recycling and campaigning. TRAID prioritises funding of projects that have the greatest synergy with TRAID's objectives and activities. TRAID fund project which:

·        Combat the negative impacts of the textile industry on people and the environment

·        Improve the attainment of rights, health and incomes of those working in the chain of textile supply and production, including children and home workers

·        Enable people to transform and improve their environment sustainably to bring about improvements to their lives and livelihoods


Project approach

Projects must be needsbased and participatory. Projects should involve the active participation of stakeholders in design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Projects should be innovative and creative, and must be environmental friendly and sustainable. They should also be technically, environmentally and culturally appropriate. Where applicable, projects should address the capacity of stakeholders to advocate for their own rights. Projects should not duplicate or replace existing programmes in the project area.


Amount of TRAID funding

TRAID will consider applications for any amount of funding up to the total budget available. TRAID have no set number of grants.


Length of project

Projects must be finite and/or financially selfsustaining in 4 years or less.


Location of project

TRAID does not have a particular geographical focus for funding. It does not fund UKbased projects.


Full cost recovery

TRAID recognises that in addition to the costs directly associated with a project, such as staff and equipment, projects will also draw on the resources of the rest of an organisation. The full cost of any project should therefore be applied for.



TRAID will consider applications for both cofunded projects and projects where TRAID is the sole donor.


Number of projects funded

NGOs are welcome to submit as many Concept Notes as they wish. NGOs who have previously applied for funding from TRAID, whether their application was successful or unsuccessful, are welcome to apply for funding.


Application Process and Timetable

TRAID operates two stage application process. Interested NGOs are invited to submit a Concept Note, no longer than one side of A4, which must be submitted to TRAID Head Office via email by 6pm on 2nd March 2011. Please use 'Concept Note 2011 – (Organisation name)' as the subject of your email.


Receipt of Concept Notes will be acknowledged by email. If you receive an automated response please accept this as receipt of your Concept


Note. The Concept Note should include details of the project objective, location, beneficiaries, duration, activities and approximate amount requested, and address how the project relates to TRAID's funding criteria.


NGOs invited to submit a full proposal will be notified and sent a project application pack by 6pm on Thursday 17th March 2011.


The deadline for submission of full project proposals will be 8am on Wednesday 1st June 2011. Final funding decisions and announcements will be made by Thursday 1st September 2011.


For more info email to:


The NGO Funding Consultants


The Vegan Organization for Social Justice Worldwide

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